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USWE Hydration Systems

Only the best is good enough. That is our mantra when we are killing it in the tracks. However, it has been hard to find a hydration pack good enough for hardcore racing. So we created our own. A top of the line action pack, made for athletes by athletes. In 2006 we were a bunch of enthusiastic riders that couldn’t find the pack we wanted. At that time, the market range didn’t cover the riders needs and all the available packs were slamming necks like never before. Having a bad case of back pain after every ride kills the fun in our
sport. It became a common problem on the racetracks and everybody was reaching out for a new product.
So in 2007 we started USWE sports in a worn-out garage on the Swedish countryside and began to design and manufacture our own hydration packs. It started with a pile of prototypes that grew better for every day.
When we finally started to construct our own hydration bladders, the product was perfect. At USWE we have always been different from the competitors and our mission is to push the product limits as hard as we can. Hard work and a lot of play have made the USWE pack top of the line and totally unique in its segment.
Being experts on the matter, we take our job seriously developing the best personal hydration products available on the market. We are a fast growing company that puts thousands of man hours behind every single product we bring to the table. We are passionate, provocative and always pushing limits.