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Michelin City Pro Moto/Scooter Tyres - Retro Range

Michelin City Pro - the puncture resistant tyre

The Puncture Resistant Tyre

Lasts 10% longer than the best performing rival tyre:

The new, specifically developed rubber compound marks an improvement over its best performing rivals to provide 10% longer tyre life for the Michelin City Pro**.

Average recorded tyre life is more than 28,000km (front) and more than 19,000km (rear)*.

Resistant to puncturing:

Thanks to the combination of Michelin Overlap Technology, three reinforcing plies and a layer of rubber beneath the tread, the Michelin City Pro tyre is extremely robust in order to significantly reduce the risk of puncture. During an extreme test involving 48 motorbikes totalling 399,000 miles in the toughest road conditions, only four punctures were reported*. The improved sealing is thanks to the layer of rubber on the inside of the tyre which limits rubbing of the inner tube. This in turn minimises the risk of pressure loss.

Grip of wet roads:

Thanks to its central circumferential groove, tread pattern and variable sea-to-land ratio depending on the motorcycle's angle of lean (from 30% at the centre to 35% along the shoulders), the Michelin City Pro's tyre water clearance capacity has been maximised. The result is enhanced grip on dry, wet and slippery roads alike.

*Result of a product placement test carried out by Michelin Siam Co. Ltd involving 48 motorcycle taxis in Bangkok, Thailand, from November 2013 to March 2014. Results may vary depending on the motorcycle and road/traffic conditions.

**Test carried out by Dekra in June 2013 comparing the Michelin City Pro tyre with the IRC Maxing MR58, Dunlop D104 tyre. Rar tyre 70/90-17 (Michelin City Pro / Dunlop D104) or 2.50-17 (IRC Maxing NR58).

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R177090MICTYPRTMICH R 70/90 17 CITY PRO TT Yes $149.00 Find dealer Request more info Add to cart
R18275 MICPROSMICH R 275 18 48S CITY PRO Yes $59.95 Find dealer Request more info Add to cart
R18300 MICPROSMICHELIN R 300 S18 CITY PRO TT Yes $59.95 Find dealer Request more info Add to cart
R189090MICTYPROMICH R 90/90 18 REINF CITY PRO No $129.00 Find dealer Request more info Enquire