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Michelin Power One

Michelin Power One - check out www.michelinpowerone.com to choose the ideal tyre for your bike

The Michelin 2CT dual-compound technology successfully accomplishes two conflicting ideals: wear resistance in the centre of the tread and grip on the shoulders.

Thanks to a totally new, race-proven carcass construction using more plies, the Michelin Power One is more rigid and the contact patch is 15% larger compared with Michelin Power Race. (compared to Michelin Power Race Soft and Medium Soft in 120/70-17 at a 45° lean angle, pressure at 2.1 bar and a load of 140 dan)

The result is more stability at the front, making it possible to get on the gas sooner when exiting corners and to brake later on entry.

The Michelin Power One treaded tyre has a grooved area of less than 5% (sea/land ratio) making it almost a slick. Contact with the track surface is maximused for incredible grip and cornering angles approaching 60°.

Throughout the entire Michelin Power One range, synthetic MRSE rubber compounds in conjunction with HTSC resins promote ultra-fast warm-up, which allows you to a put a knee down as soon as the first corner.

The sharper profile of the tread crown, compared with Michelin Power Race, promotes lightning-quick turn-in, while the flatter should delivers increased cornering stability and grip when approaching maximum lean angle (45° to 60°). (used in the entire Michelin Power One range, except for Road/Circuit version).

For track days, racing schools and sport riding on the road:

Michelin Power One - Road/Track

For Race series requiring treaded tyres, road homologated:


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